Windows Phone Mango released as of now

27 Sep

Windows Phone 7.5 MangoSo here we are! The start signal is launched, Windows Phone 7.5, alias Mango is being released as of now.

According to Microsoft, this update will take a few weeks to roll out across all countries, it is just a matter of time.

To recall you, Windows Phone Mango will bring more than 500 new features and improvements. It is the biggest update of WP7 since it launch.

This update was long waited by WP7 users and is a great deal for Microsoft who invested a lot of dollars and a great trust in their product. They mustn’t fail unless they risk to loose the mobile market.

This update will bring a better battery life, threaded applications, the new and great Internet Explorer 9 (with HTML5 goodness), speed improvements and so on.

The strategy of Microsoft is very clear : unify desktop and mobile, as one could be the extension of the other, seamlessly.

2012 will be an exciting year guys (Windows 8 + Windows Apollo) !


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